We Are Coders

First and foremost, we're coders. We develop on open source technologies to deliver high functioning low cost solutions. Our hosting services is the result of our customer base growing and us needing to provide them with technologies that help grow their business

Our Beginnings

We started with a small customer base from word of mouth advertisement and have grown our business to what it is today

We Improve Your Business

Our knowledge of major programming languages provide the software that your website(s) will use everyday. Because we're both contributors and users of open source technology, we provide a customized web hosting experience. Need special software installed and secured on our servers? Create a support ticket and let us know.

Our History

From running an Apache web server for just a few websites to building a complete software suite for hundreds of accounts
September 28, 2016

3.. 2.. 1.. LAUNCHED!!

Our hosting service is LIVE!
September 13, 2016

Testing Phase

Our new web hosting platform is in beta testing mode. Get ready for an affordable web hosting service
August 17, 2016

Web Hosting Software in Development

Combining Drupal and Plesk we create a complete automated website hosting control panel system. Customized and automated to meet client demands. Enabled with features to purchase and manage website services automatically. Much improvement over the manual way of doing things :)
April 01, 2016

New Team Member!

The one man show brings on new help! Much needed help, that is. Leo and Josh conclude that developing a custom hosting system is needed to meet our clients demands
April 22, 2015

Demand Rises

Demand on website space occurs (more websites are being added). At this point, server is managed manually or no automation or control panel installed
January 02, 2013

First Server Space Purchase

First server space purchase. Unmanaged server with barebones LAMP stack. Time to explore and learn

The Brains

Say hi to the ones running the show! One part brains one part brawn


Software Developer/Engineer


Software Developer/Engineer